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I'm Lili, Lili Zoom (as James Bond says). Instead of my gun, it's my lens that I bring with me everywhere and that I use to shoot every moment. I'm ready to catch your smiles, hands up !

Let's say you're looking for a photographer, admit I'm the one you need. Perfect ! We have already done halfway. You would like to make a photoshoot for yourself, your lover or for the banker who refuses you a loan? Sit back, make yourself comfortable, and go for a few flashes, a few clicks, you're in the mood, enjoy!

Lili Zoom Studio is located at Giberville in Normandy, near Caen (with places to park).


We have all the necessary equipment to perform sessions of all kinds in the best conditions. Thus, you can benefit from shoots on black, white or colored backgrounds. But we are also equipped with all the accessories to welcome kids of all ages.

Lilizoom can move ! So, we can shoot everywhere in Normandy, at Paris, in Britany, ... But, as we are speaking English, we can follow you all around the world !


Anyway, if you're looking for a photographer for your Caribbean weeding, you know who to call !

All our services are offered as a gift card. You can buy it remotely (send by mail), or directly to the studio (only by appointment).

Feel free to call us for more informations.

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